DIGITAL-442x350 Solution

Dye Sublimation & Heat Transfer Dye Sublimation

To replace conventional manual cutting. Mainly to deal with high elastic fabric and other materials that in the process of printing or embroidery distortion occurred, automatically correct the deformation of graphics, high-precision cutting can be achieved .

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EMLA-442x350 Solution

Embroidery & Label

With high end CCD camera, has fast recognition speed and high cutting accuracy; suitable for embroidery, mini size printings, woven labels, trademarks cutting process. For different shapes and multiple angle recognition, high precision cutting for mini size products (<5cm).

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FM-1-442x350 Solution

Flexible Material

Helping you to deal with small quantity, multiple design, high demanding, short cycle orders, in an even more ecnomic way.

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PT-1-442x350 Solution

Plush Toy

The thermal cutting process has the best cutting efficiency , lowest cost , and satisfy the cutting needs the most! Automatic Electric Iron Cutter provides you the best capacity and quality.

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SP-1-497x350 Solution

Sample Proofing Room

Automatic drawing layout and calculation & nesting software with HD SRL camera to create 1:1 size smooth CAD file instantly from the paper boards, and with the very same software, the nesting, material consuming calculation and cost calculation can be done, and with KASU laser cutting machine to automatically cut the paper board or fabric.

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